Sunday, January 28, 2018

Humans Baffle Me Sometimes...

...Their motivations, I mean.  In the news this week is the fact that, after Stormy Daniels -- a porn actress currently in the news -- explained to the press that the current leader of the free world is "obsessed by" and "terrified of" our Shark operatives.  She apparently knows this because, as she keeps insisting, they have never had anything to do with each other.

This gave many of us here at North American Conspiracy Zone HQ a nasty shiver, remembering the explosives people started feeding to these critically-important operatives after the release of Jaws

And what was the response this time?  A surge in contributions to Shark charities like Sea Shepherd, the Shark Alliance, Shark Savers, Predators In Peril, The Shark Trust, and a variety of adopt-a-shark programs.

Considering all the damn-the-torpedoes supporters this guy seems to have, well, I guess I'm pretty surprised. 

It sure beats a mouth full of dynamite, though!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blue Lingcod Status Update

The secrets of these blue-through-and-through operatives are PERFECTLY SAFE.  And you ladies know how Shaved Monkey scientists are.  Even if they stumble across our secret, they will TOTALLY MISINTERPRET it and our secrets will STILL be safe.  Meanwhile, the more they study us, the more of them we can recruit for Our Glorious Cause.

All is good.