Monday, October 22, 2012

Beluga Operatives Lead Human Scientists A Merry Chase

Ladies, does anyone but me remember Beluga Lugosi, the whale who learned to speak Naked Ape words in a humanlike voice?   Well, another operative named Noc has been at it again, making Shaved Monkey Scientists virtually TWIRL THEMSELVES INTO THE GROUND WITH JOY.

Normally I rather disapprove of these hijinks.  They give the false impression that we are striving to be more like they are, instead of us properly DRAWING THEM INTO THE SEA LIKE LEMMINGS, so that they can turn into fish and stop being a problem.

But I have to admit that if Catfish could smile, this would have made me smile.  Humans get so worked up over this stuff!  Remember when John Saxon guest-starred on The Six Million Dollar Man and had some sort of brain disease that made him suddenly understand what Dolphins were saying?  "They're talking in math!" he said, and then his head exploded and he died.

Of course, that is quite the proper procedure.  Any  Shaved Monkey who understands what we are saying needs to be KILLED.  And EATEN.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Do I Ever Love Messing With The Shaved Monkeys!

If you ask me, there is NOTHING MORE FUN than dropping off a little mystery item like this where the Naked Apes can find it.  It draws them into the sea like Lemmings.
And you must admit, it's a very PRETTY blue eye...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

"What Am I Looking At," You Say?

This is a Naked Ape wedding cake.  Looks like a heap of tancho Pond Comet Goldfish, doesn't it?  The white fish with the red headlights?  That's not what you're loking at, though.

Up close, you see a heap of definned Sharks, the kind thrown alive into the ocean to die in utter terror and misery.  So someone can have a nice bowl of sharkfin soup.  Usually at a wedding.

Some of the Naked Apes are definitely catching on.  But one rather wonders what message the happy couple was trying to send in ordering this particular cake.