Sunday, February 17, 2019

This Is Why We Do It, Ladies...

SAYS HERE that the Te Wait o Te Taniwha, or Sacred Mermaid Pools, in New Zealand are being closed INDEFINITELY because of all the Shaved Monkey urine, used sanitary products and miscellaneous GARBAGE tossed there by inconsiderate Naked Ape tourists.

The photo above shows what the pools are SUPPOSED to look like.  Lately they are more and more resembling a TYPICAL HUMAN MIDDEN.  The tourists were already beginning the process of layering the area with junk strata, the same problem we see EVERYWHERE THEY LIVE.  Which these days means...EVERYWHERE.

Also in the news today, I saw that a patch of Siberia with 2.6 million featherless bipeds living on it is starting to produce its own BLACK SNOW, caused by someone mining in the area without keeping the coal dust in check.  THOSE ARE OUR ANCESTORS RAINING DOWN, LADIES.  Almost as if they were trying to tell us something, isn't it?

Oh, and they announced this last week that the monarch butterfly, a species other than themselves that they actually LIKE, is careening towards the cliff's edge of extinction.  All the efforts Naked Apes in my area have been making to plant as much milkweed as possible has been for NAUGHT because for every shaved monkey planting something beneficial to local insects, there are a dozen others nuking the area with all the most noxious chemicals they can find so nothing will grow except their foreign-grass lawns that even the DEER won't eat.  And let's not forget those filthy-smelling Bradford pear trees that don't support a single species of local caterpillar.

I'm just saying all this to emphasize that THEY DESTROY EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH.  The sooner we turn them all into chunks of coral, and Minnows and Snow Crabs, the better.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

They Look, But They Do Not See

Fools...Pitiful fools!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Buy Yours Now!

That's an order.