Saturday, November 10, 2018

It's Getting To Be That Time Of Year Again...

YES, IT'S ALMOST SQUIDMAS.  Only a few shopping days left!

I hope you land operatives have already sent for your Ray Troll Squidmas Cards, including this design:

...along with many others available here: The Ray Troll Web Store

Aquatic operatives obviously have THEIR OWN, TOP-SECRET ways of celebrating this most joyful holiday, but YOU LADIES UP ON LAND can get going right now exchanging piscatorial recipes, BAKING THEM UP and improving grandma's Frutti Di Mare salad with your own special touches.


Our Secrets Appear To Be Safe...

Behold a recruiting operative -- named "Octavius" by the Shaved Monkeys who put "him" on display at the UGA Aquarium in Savannah, Georgia -- who has the eyes of landscum everywhere upon him after he unexpectedly gave birth to more than a few babies, confounding the "experts."

They admitted they find it very hard to determine the sex of an Octopus.

They also admitted they find it very hard to keep baby octo-tentaculars alive.

The infants, WHO ASKED NOT TO BE NAMED IN THIS BLOG POST, will of course mostly be committing suicide TO KEEP OUR SECRETS SAFE. 

This article  indicates that the little ladies are already working on that project.  

FOOLS.  You will never know our secrets!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Frankly, I'm Concerned...

...That this undersea operative, called the HEADLESS CHICKEN MONSTER by Naked Ape scientists, has been photographed at all.  CALL ME A WORRIER but I don't like them knowing about this species AT ALL, even though they are working far outside our own Conspiracy Recruiting Zone. 
I just don't like it.