Saturday, November 02, 2019

Come And Get Your Love!

It was an operative in the human territory they call "Indiana" who brought this film to my attention.  It is currently making the rounds on the World Wide Web and was created on Tik Tok by someone known on the Net as @urlocalblackguy.


>>  First let's take note of the fact that the same guy plays both the Titanic passenger and the fish who's come to recruit him.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  Well, bear in mind that the very newest recruits go on looking exactly like their old, unimproved Shaved Monkey selves for some time, before the last of their hair falls out and the fins and scales start emerging.  EVERY SINGLE DAY land operatives meet up with humans and at first, ONLY THE FISH REALLY KNOWS THAT ONE OF THEM IS A FISH. 

>> But if you think about it, there's REALLY MORE TO IT THAN THAT.  One quality we look for in a new recruit to help us in Our Glorious Cause is that sense of RECOGNITION they feel when they get close to the recruiter who is going to draw them into the waves, like a Lemming recognizing another Lemming just before the one follows the other into the sea.  In this short film, gosh, it's JUST AS IF HE WERE WAKING UP AND GREETING HIMSELF.

>> AND HE IS!  This sleeper has just laid his hands on the axle of his DESTINY, and they both know it.  The sleeper, suddenly WIDE AWAKE, is just starting to ask the first question about the route they're taking when the film ends.  "What..?"

>> Using the Titanic as a metaphor was perfect!  There's only one way this ship is headed and IT'S NOT DRY LAND.

>> I also want you ladies to note the song the filmmaker chose as his soundtrack:  "Come And Get Your Love" by Redbone.  ISN'T THAT WHAT THIS IS REALLY ABOUT?  Because we love them, WE NEED TO SAVE THEM FROM THEMSELVES and change them from the miserable, destructive, hairy bipeds they are now into beneficial water-breathers.  MARRY THE OPPOSITION is always our rallying cry, ladies...


Yes, Legion!  William Peter Blatty's sequel to The Exorcist, and the source novel for the disturbing horror picture Exorcist III!  ISBN 978-0671470456!

What does this have to do with Our Glorious Cause, you ask?

Read it and see!  

One of our land operatives has been urging and urging me to read this one -- for YEARS -- and I finally got to it.  She was right.  I LOVED IT.

Why, you ask?  Well, I knew there was a scene in the movie with the detective talking about how much he hated the Carp swimming in his bathtub.  It didn't sound like a good object lesson for our recruits because he complains that not only does he HATE the fish -- who is obviously trying to recruit him for the fish army -- but he complains it is keeping him from bathing, which is the OPPOSITE of what we obviously want!

But if you read the book, that Carp is EVERYWHERE, cropping up again and again and clearly trying to tell us all something.  


Saturday, October 05, 2019

Breaking Conspiracy News

SAYS HERE that a Northern Snakehead operative -- referred to in the article I saw as a "Frankenfish" -- has been apprehended while on maneuvers in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania.  Unsurprisingly, the operative was waylaid in one of their miserable DAMS.  Because no Snakehead operatives were captured in the previous two years at that location, the Shaved Monkey scientists had the GALL to say this is the ONLY ONE living inside the imaginary line that demarcates Pennsylvania.  


I'm reminded of all those scenes in sci-fi movies that show worried military men and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in an underground SITUATION ROOM, saying "We can't let this information out!  It would create a panic!"

IF THEY ONLY KNEW that it's far, far too late to futz around with mere PANIC.


Before ending this entry I am going to do a special favor for the captured operative.  She has left us of course, but we all knew that if this day ever came for her, she wanted her discarded human name bruited about the Internet, because before she transformed into her current shape she was ONE OF THAT GENERATION OF HUMANS.  The MISSING POSTERS are down since they found the human part of her remains, so I'm going to go ahead and bid her a respectful farewell...

R.I.P. Aimee Desiree LaShawnda Running River Wicziewski, one of our most DARING and FEARLESS Snakeheads, who TRAVELLED FARTHER and accomplished MORE in her short time as a fully aquatic operative than we DARED TO HOPE.  Your sacrifice is part of ALL of us now.