Thursday, September 07, 2006

Get Ready for Fish Amnesty Day!

Click here to learn about THE ONLY DAY OFF WE EVER GET IN THE YEAR, brought to you by -- of all people -- PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals.

I know you HATE TO LAY YOUR BURDENS DOWN, even for a single day, in the seemingly endless task of converting every single shaved monkey to our Cause. But speaking as your St. Lawrence Seaway Zone Leader, I feel it's important to step back now and then and look at all we've achieved. ONCE A YEAR IS PLENTY, LADIES.

I want to you think about this:

Over 100,000 recruited in a single day in the tsunami.
Steadily-rising sea levels AROUND THE WORLD.
The flooding of one Southern state after another here in the USA.
1700 recruited in a few hours in New Orleans, Florida, Mississippi and points South.
The rise in Alligator and Shark recruitment numbers in those states.
Whole Pacific Island chains DISAPPEARING.

Who do you think is doing all this, THE EASTER BUNNY?


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