Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Recruiting Fest 2005 In Review -- Again!?

Well, ladies, last time I heard anyone mention it (I think it was on "Faux News"), the hairy bipeds were estimating that the "fatalities" from Hurricane Katrina were between two and three hundred. That was many months ago now. Yesterday I heard, between the minute-to-minute updates on some guy they think might have killed JonBenet Ramsey, that the current figure is around 1700, and they are not nearly through looking under all the sodden wreckage.

I was surprised at how close this radio announcer came to the correct number. If only they knew to look at the esophagi of the "victims" they would probably get the EXACT number of our new recruits. But wait, they don't know that they are looking for anything but victims of a badly-managed natural disaster. Hee hee! There are many more unhappy drowners to be found, I daresay, but all our RECRUITS have now been accounted for, with a few to spare.

The recruiting numbers from the tsunami in the Far East were far more spectacular, of course, but that was not in my Command Zone. And I think we have to agree that the recruitment of so many New Orleanians at a swoop is sort of a giggle. If they only understood WHY people refused to evacuate as hurricane after hurricane swept near the city all these years. Little can they suspect that hundreds of people were DISAPPOINTED AS HELL when each one of them veered off at the last instant.

I think this should also serve as a valuable reminder that we do not have NEARLY AS MANY converts in Puerto Rico as we would like. You can tell because they all take cover like crazy when they hear a hurricane is coming.


Blogger Ur-spo said...

I confess I am one of those who feels dissappointment when a hurricane fizzles or misses a mark.

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