Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Salute To Bill And Pam Driver, Fish EMTs

Click here to learn the chilling details of an operative's near-suffocation and daring last-minute rescue. I'm sorry to report that this was NO ACCIDENT. The cruelty of small landscum boys towards our observing and recruiting operatives is the worst-kept secret in history.

But before the former Laetitia Saunders of Neptune, New Jersey could die of exhaustion and fear -- LOOK AT THE PANIC IN HER EYES -- along came Bill and Pam Driver, whose quick thinking saved Laetitia from a horrid fate.

I see nothing about whether the mayor gave these rescuers the key to the city, or possibly a nice cash reward. NEVER MIND, Bill and Pam -- there will be a very special reward waiting for you at a time and place in the future that I cannot disclose on the Internet.

I'll tell you this much. The place will be fairly damp. You'll like it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The great Namazu did bless Bill & Pam for saving one of his childs, no earthquake and even no Irene in Kansas! I run a blog about that mighty catfish spirit:

Anything catfishy to contribute? You are welcome!

4:25 AM  

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