Sunday, August 12, 2018

REAL Piscatorial Love

It's so heartbreaking when we need to go to THESE LENGTHS to make clear that AQUATIC LIFE FORMS HAVE FEELINGS, TOO.  This devastated new mom -- name withheld at her request -- decided to make her grief PUBLIC for a full 17 days because that is, to a great extent, the TASK of her species -- to build a bridge between the landscum human species and those who live lives similar to theirs in our realm.  Human tongues have been wagging ever since she lost her baby, and PROGRESS IS BEING MADE.

This is a less violent way of showing we care than the fictional treatment you all remember from the horror movie Orca, which started out the same way but quickly developed in a direction the landscum humans COMPLETELY MISINTERPRETED as a running battle between a human fisherman and an Orca BENT ON REVENGE.  Of course, fish and part-fish viewers read the movie VERY DIFFERENTLY, understanding that the mom gave her life and her baby's by accident, but USED THE OPPORTUNITY to bring the landscum humans into range of the recruiting operative, her husband.  In fact, their cruel deaths made clear to him for the first time WHY HE NEEDED to kill and eat recruit as many humans as possible, ESPECIALLY THAT SORT.

You dry-land operatives can think of this non-fictional operative as the Mamie Till of the Orcas.  Mamie, too, found a positive way to apply her grief to the needs of her species.  Her dreadful loss, and the way she told everyone about it, only underlined the nature of the problem to what humans in our Conspiracy Zone call "people of color," but for their OPPRESSORS it may have been the first real clue they ever had that "PEOPLE OF COLOR" HAVE FEELINGS TOO.  That maybe you can't just go around killing them randomly.  They call this CIVIL RIGHTS.  We fish operatives are working towards something different, BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT. 

...At least more important to a fish.  But since the landscum humans, too, will soon all be fish, IT NEEDS TO BE IMPORTANT TO THEM TOO.

THE NEXT TASK is to move beyond the barrier the landscum humans have built in their minds between whales, including Orcas, and other aquatic species.  ALL OF US ARE HURTING and they have to understand that THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A CLAM AND A TUNA ARE JUST NOT IMPORTANT.  

The emphasis right now in our protests is on PLASTIC:

Dead Coelacanth found full of plastic

Dead whales found full of plastic and car parts

But showing them that we LOVE OUR CHILDREN is also going to appeal to them on a very different level.  The more we see of this sort of parental devotion, which they tend to think of as THEIR PROVINCE ALONE...

...The sooner we can get where we need to be, ensconced in the hearts of the landscum humans.


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