Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sea World Profits Dip 84% Since The Release Of BLACKFISH

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS AFRAID OF, LADIES.  The Blackfish documentary -- its release was almost inevitable after Tillikum killed that Naked Ape "trainer" and got all that press -- could easily drive Sea World out of business.  NOT THAT TILLIKUM WASN'T IN THE RIGHT.  There's no way around THAT.  But we now have to grapple with the fallout -- Shaved Monkeys staying away in droves from the amusement park that has been bringing OUR OPERATIVES together with new recruits for DECADES.  This is far sadder than the decline of the living Mermaid city at Weeki Wachee Springs; THOSE AREN'T EVEN REAL MERMAIDS.  I wish humans,  who are always going on about how intelligent they are, could figure THIS one out.   It just makes me tired sometimes.

There are things we can do about this, of course.  You'll have new reading materials at the next chapter meetings with a REUNIFICATION PLAN.  You will all have roles to play.  See you next Saturday and we'll discuss it.


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