Sunday, July 12, 2015

Disaster In Bristol Channel

Here you see Marie Lord and Lee Searle of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England.  They are standing at the entrance of the Anchor Head Hotel, where Searle works as a porter.  She lives about half a mile away.  Together they have managed to upset EVERYONE IN THE FISH ARMY.

It happened like this:  Lord got out of bed at 1:30 a.m. BST, just a few days ago now, and legged it to the edge of the sea.  This raised some eyebrows later on, because she cannot normally manage this on her own, needing to lean on someone to negotiate the descent from dry land to OUR DOMAIN.  But negotiate it she did, until she suddenly realized she could taste saltwater.  She turned tail and got back up onto the rocks, screaming for help until Searle came along with blankets and called for assistance.  She was rushed to the nearest hospital and treated for what they called "the beginning stages of hypothermia."  Searle is now hailed as a hero; Lord is dismissed as a sleepwalker.


>> All I can say up front is, thank Scrod this didn't happen in MY recruitment zone.  Who knows how many of our best operatives would have to be KILLED, and EATEN, to make sure than no further recruits slip away in this manner.  It threatens EVERY ONE OF US when something like this happens.

>> All you have to do is LOOK AT THE NEWS PHOTO to see the facts.  Lord's recruitment status.  How far along her transformation is.  And get a load of Searle, too! I think one look at HIM tells you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. 

>> This incident is bad for landfish around the world, bad for our aquatic operatives, and especially BAD FOR ENGLAND.  Muffy, the Conspiracy Zone leader for England among other areas, is quite anxious about what this will do to recruits who DON'T want to be rescued.  We all remember what the release of Jaws did to our Shark operatives -- no matter the intent of the filmmakers.

>>  A saving grace here is that nobody appears to have noticed that Lord's "hypothermia" was NOTHING OF THE SORT.  The drawback in this situation is that with Lord misdiagnosed as a sleepwalker, she is probably going to be on a SHORT CHEMICAL TETHER in the immediate future, maybe PERMANENTLY.  In these times, EVERY RECRUIT COUNTS.

>> What grinds me is that we will not be able to do anything at all about Searle.  It would BLOW OUR COVER.  If I still had legs I would go kick a tree.

I am not going to post our findings about what went wrong here on the Net.  You'll be hearing about it at your local chapter meeting.


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