Saturday, June 13, 2015


All I can say is WOW!

This SPECTACULAR 2014 release, which actually got shown in some brick-and-mortar movie theaters, is VERY HARD TO RENT because it is so popular.  This in itself makes it a good recruiting film for Our Glorious Cause. 

In many ways, this movie is PERFECT to introduce aquatic consciousness into the landscum.  It's disguised as a typical teen horror comedy, with kids in bathing suits trying to fight off unstoppable killer Beavers.  The menace is hideously ugly, unlike our alluring real-life recruiting operatives, and appear to HATE humans, unlike real recruiters who want to MARRY them and raise families.  If you didn't know better you'd think we were DANGEROUS to the human race, not their intended RESCUERS.

Here's what makes it so interesting to ME:  As usual in the eco-horror subgenre, the trouble starts when a drum marked BIOHAZARD rolls into a lake and springs a leak near a Beaver lodge.  This doesn't merely make the Beavers BLOODTHIRSTY and VIOLENT.  In this case, it also makes it possible for them to turn featherless bipeds into aquatic rodents with just a nip or a scratch.  Before you know it, more than a few of the cast are sporting, not fangs, but Beaver teeth.  And, MUCH AS IN REAL LIFE, they find themselves suddenly in  sympathy with, and actively working together with, their recruiters.

Now, I wonder if it might be possible to make this happen?  Convert a Naked Ape AGAINST HIS OR HER WILL to an aquatic species with a minor skin nick?  Is a good DNA transfer possible using this method?  I'm going to put R&D on this RIGHT NOW.

(And I have to add this, because it cracked me up:)


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