Thursday, June 04, 2015

Finally, The Naked Apes Are Trying To Meet Us Halfway!

And you KNEW it would come from somebody in Japan!  Quiksilver, a Japanese company that makes wetsuits for Shaved Monkeys, has astoundingly come out with a line of neoprene suits for boardroom-to-beachwear ease.  Perfect for any new recruit who has not yet grasped the reason for his longing to be in the water at odd moments, and IDEAL for any self-aware landfish who needs to slip away from the rat race and get wet during the lunch hour...or after an office party.  (The version on the far right is a tux, you'll notice.  Is that perfect or what?)  I can't speak for the shoes, but the shirts and ties are also made of neoprene.
I love this.  LOVE IT!
Alas, they go for $2,500 apiece at this writing, but I expect the price to come down eventually.  If only we had enough in petty cash to outfit EVERYONE with one of these.  We have too much cooking elsewhere to spare that kind of money for clothes that might, you know, OUT us to the landscum. 


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