Tuesday, March 02, 2010


This image was created by Matt Leach. Long may he wave.

This is the best news to come along in A LONG TIME, ladies. Roger Corman, the long-time friend and defender of SCARY UNDERWATER THINGIES, as STRUCK AGAIN. The SyFy Channel has greenlighted this FUTURE MASTERPIECE as of 2/12/2010. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS SIT BACK AND WAIT.
No, I haven't seen it yet.
I want to point out the resemblance to another classic -- but sadly, equally FICTIONAL -- denizen of the deep from the Italian softcore-porn fish massacree, Devil Fish. (1984, directed by Lamberto Bava.) Same basic idea, but the earlier picture had more of a parrot's beak on the business end. Either way, HOW CAN YOU LOSE?
Days like this make me feel HAPPY ALL OVER.

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Blogger Duamuteffe said...

Despite having many, many problems Devil Fish went on to become a great MST3K episode. I like to think that's everything a B-Movie hopes for. :) We'll look forward to Sharktopus with bated breath. One hopes it will be as entertaining as Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy...

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