Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Appeal to the Membership

OK, I'm asking all of the operatives who are not under deep cover to let Mr. Troll know: this is HIS OPPORTUNITY to bring the joy of Squidmas to all the children of the world! Flap those gills, girls! I think he'll be persuaded once he realizes how many piscatorial operatives, as well as HP Lovecraft fans and all manner of Goths, want to GIVE HIM MONEY for this holiday item, which I dare say would be available NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH! Who cares if it was my idea, it would be HIS INCOME.
Dare I hope he'd put "Merry Squidmas" in the spaces between the tentacle bundles? At that point I think I could RETIRE IN TRIUMPH and settle down the the task of shipping Squidly parcels everywhere from my watery lair.
Now, I want to add this IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not call, write or e-mail this renowned artist unless you are in the company of at least two non-operatives who are also calling, e-mailing or writing requests. We can't risk THAT much exposure.

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