Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Jewel from Euell

Euell Gibbons, that is. (I can never get over how much I love that man's name.)

Here is another quote from page 227 of Stalking The Blue-Eyed Scallop:

"From Cape Cod to Labrador, there is hardly a wharf, jetty or rocky point that will not yield enough Pollack for a good meal. Other fish may be localized -- one place being good for Smelt fishing, another yielding Flounder, while still others may be the best places for Mackerel -- but everywhere you will also find the Pollack, usually outnumbering the more desired fishes ten to one. Not that the Pollack isn't a good fish -- it is a fine food fish when properly prepared -- but any fish as plentiful and easily caught as the Pollack soon comes to be considered unattractive by bored local fishermen."

There is PROFOUND WISDOM in this passage, ladies, and an EXCELLENT RECRUITING TIP. Always remember that we are dealing with Great Apes, and one of their primary mental characteristics is the need to be constantly entertained. Which is why the Pollack now appear in costume, aping the Apes.

By the way, that's pronounced PAHL-ock, not POLE-ock. That means you, Lisa.


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