Friday, May 25, 2007

Operative Tires Of Headgames

It's been a long, long waiting game, and Scrod knows there's nothing more patient than an Alligator, but I guess it all had to end someday. The operative, formerly known as Sigrun Hummersdottir, from a small town in Oklahoma whose name I can't spell, transformed rather suddenly while on vacation in California. She has been PRETENDING TO BE A FLOATING LOG EVER SINCE. She recently turned herself in to the human authorities.

"Don't give me too much credit," she was quoted as saying at the time of her arrest. "Talk about hiding in plain sight; the blame fools never noticed me floating in the water right under their noses." She ultimately decided that she was not pulling in nearly enough recruits in that billet, and put in for a transfer. We tipped off Animal Control the same day, and the rest is history. (The hairless bipeds do have their uses. They did all the driving.)

That's really the end of an era.


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