Sunday, May 08, 2016

I Think They Call This "The Old Double-Cross"

BEHOLD one of the most DARING operatives of the South Pacific Fish Conspiracy Zone, who asked not to be named because she's gotten enough news coverage to last her a lifetime already.  She's posing here with two recruits, obtained in a REALLY odd way. 

Ron Fairbrass, and his buddy Cliff *cough* Dale, of Hull, England, had a friend named Ron Hopper who loved to fish with them.  He fell ill and died before this particular trip, to the spit of land they call Thailand.  Before he passed into the Great Wherever, they came up with the unusual idea of incorporating Ron's ashes into their fishing bait, so he could still go on the trip with them and catch fish, in a certain sense.  Into the water went the bait and who appeared, ready to work, but the operative above!  This was a particularly big deal to the record-keeping apes because she exceeds, by a good 46 pounds, the size of the largest Carp ever caught in those waters.

To me, the beauty of this moment is in the fact that where the operative shown in the news photo above has captured, in an instant, HUNDREDS of new recruits, it LOOKS as if the recruits caught HER. It feeds the Shaved Monkey ego while bringing them ever closer to their final DOOM.  We do this CONSTANTLY of course, but it's a rare operative who also gets to use their own newsfeeds to bring in FURTHER land apes, as she did.

Sort of a win-win situation!


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