Sunday, May 08, 2016

"Carpageddon" From OUR Perspective

Well, HERE WE GO AGAIN.  You just can't seem to stop the Australian Shaved Monkeys from releasing NEW SPECIES into what they think of as "their territory" -- FAR FROM SURPRISING when you consider that they, themselves, are a FOREIGN INFESTATION.  You know the old saying:  MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO.

In this example, we find that some enterprising featherless biped thought it would be PERFECTLY SENSIBLE to farm European Catfish in the barren, forbidding desert.  I hardly need to tell you what happened next.  The Carp operatives, never fond of captivity, BRANCHED OUT to do Dagon's good works in the unexplored waterways of the new country.


NEVER does it occur to their monkey selves that it may have been MEANT TO HAPPEN THIS WAY ALL ALONG.  So the next step, VERY predictably, is the introduction of a Carp-specific herpes virus that they are calling, with typical Naked Ape hyperbole, CARPAGEDDON.  This is also a half-bright attempt to AVOID calling the operatives themselves CARPAGEDDON. 

They do fear us, ladies.  They look into the faces of our Carp operatives, and they see their own TOMBSTONES.

And we know exactly where it goes from here!  This is the myxomatosis assassination of the Australian Rabbit all over again.  Most of us may die, true -- but a few will survive, and pass their herpes resistance to their children, and their children after them.



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