Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Human Scientists Miss The Point Once Again

Imagine my surprise when a group of human scientists, and Japanese at that, found this without becoming alarmed in any way. This proves to me, at least, that even the canniest oceanic specialists are fundamentally NOT ON TO US.

Please do not think of this as any sort of security breach. The operative in question was deliberately placed in the path of this scientific team to see if they made any connections we didn't want them to make. As usual, THEY GOT IT ALL BACKWARDS. It never crossed tbeir minds that this rare specimen is actually part of an ARMY of sea creatures advancing onto dry land to once again MAKE IT OURS. I would like to point out to everyone that this operative prudently kept his face averted from the cameras and/or took steps to make sure that no photos with his face in it made it to the news agencies. I know WE ALL LOOK ALIKE TO THEM, but there is no point in taking chances.


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i was wondering if you would come up with a better explanation; and you did fine. Thank you

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