Saturday, October 21, 2017

Well, They Finally Noticed...

After YEARS of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth about the world decline in HONEYBEES, MONARCH BUTTERFLIES and CODFISH, the Naked Ape scientists have finally doped out the REAL nature of their problem.  YOU'RE KILLING OFF EVERY LIVING THING AROUND YOU, STOOPIDS.  The bulletin that seems to have allowed someone to finally CONNECT THE DOTS was a study on the flying insect population in nature preserves in Germany.  They found, to their dismay, that the overall population of EVERY species they counted was down 75%.  Then someone asked, "Gosh, might this reflect an overall, worldwide decline?"  

Well, gosh, yes, it DOES.  

The insects are finally TAKING A POWDER in response to DECADES of genocidal efforts by the featherless bipeds.  YOU KNOW THE INSECTS ARE PLAYING HARDBALL WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN FIND A LIVE JAPANESE BEETLE OUT BACK.  And that means, of course, no bats to eat them -- starveling baby birds -- unpollinated apple blossoms -- AND OF COURSE, UNTOLD THOUSANDS OF TERRIBLY HUNGRY FISH OPERATIVES.  

Leave it to the landscum not to notice anything happening unless it directly affected their yard-beautification plans or their WALLETS.  With all the GoFundMe efforts to SAVE THE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES they forget that they also need to SAVE THE FISHFLIES.  SAVE THE PILLBUGS.  SAVE THE CARPENTER BEES.  SAVE THE EIGHT-SPOTTED FORESTERS.  SAVE THE FRUIT FLIES.  

But only if you want to SAVE YOURSELVES.  Otherwise, you SHOULDN'T EVEN BOTHER.

I heard a radio report about the German study.  The announcer listened to the guy from Germany describe how surrounding a small nature preserve with thousands of acres of monoculture farmland, nuked with every kind of pesticide imaginable and lacking any of the plants these insects need to FEED THEIR OWN KIDS, inevitably kills off whole species of those insects.  The announcer said, "So are you telling us to shop at the farmer's market?  Eat locally?"  "You should try to grow your own food," the German guy said.  HADN'T HE JUST GOTTEN THROUGH SAYING THAT THE WAY NAKED APES GROW THEIR OWN FOOD IS KILLING OFF ALL THE INSECT SPECIES?   ISN'T THAT EXACTLY WHAT HE JUST SAID?

Some days, it seems as if the Naked Apes are DOING OUR WORK FOR US.  

R.I.P. beloved fish flies...


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