Saturday, September 02, 2017

In "Harvey's" Wake

Welcome, fully aquatic operatives, to GREATER HOUSTON.  Here is a map showing the areas opened up by Hurricane Harvey for you to TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT GOES ON in the territories we are working on CONQUERING.  I was gratified to hear a Shaved Monkey news commentator say that the flooded area is as large as Lake Michigan.  This is another major opportunity by landfish and fully aquatic operatives to meet and exchange resources RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN.

I have to say the recruiting figures in the wake of this storm have been CURIOUSLY LOW.  Not nearly as many Naked Apes joined our ranks as we've come to EXPECT after more than 51 inches of rain come down.  We may be able to attribute this anomaly to the FILTH leaking into the floodwater from that PETROCHEMICAL PLANT they keep blathering about on the news.  THAT'S REALLY JUST MY BEST GUESS.  Texas is one of the states that voted in this climate-change-denying figurehead, and so by rights they should have sat there and IGNORED THE HURRICANE.

Or maybe the people who got out of the way of the water were of Mexican extraction, disinclined to listen to President 45?

It doesn't matter.  LET'S GET WET!


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