Sunday, July 30, 2017

And Speaking Of Eels, Have You Read THE NAUGHTY BOOK OF EEL RECIPES?

Because if you haven't, ladies, IT'S HIGH TIME YOPU PICKED UP A COPY.  This slender volume, ISBN 978-1511899048, is a JOY TO READ that REALLY CAPTURES SOMETHING I have been trying to instill in every new recruit for years:  FISH ARE FUN!  ESPECIALLY EELS!!!

The author thumbnails the lives of some Eel promoters from history and lists out quite a few Eel recipes.  The text is marred at times by sloppy copyediting; at one point he says you need a quantity of white, cubed, and only later in the recipe do you learn that he was talking about potatoes.  My only other quibble with this fine book is that he doesn't begin to show you the sheer VARIETY of Eel recipes out there, each and every one of which has brought us many, many new recruits owing to the principle of "If you eat any more of those Eels you're going to turn into one."  The author is evidently an Englishman who never thinks to include jellied Eels or the noble Eel pie -- not even grilled Eel served on top of, and with the fat poured over, the mashed potatoes.  (Rice would work, too, of course.)  There's just one Eel soup and not a single Eel sandwich or sushi recipe. 

NEVER MIND.  This book is still a good starting point for the beginner Eel chef.