Saturday, May 28, 2016

Snakehead Invasion Continues Successful

Says here in the May 27th Washington Post that a couple of bowfishermen in Maryland nailed one of our operatives, a Snakehead who topped 18 pounds.  This is apparently a new record for them; THEY DO LIKE TO KEEP TRACK OF THESE THINGS. 

I want to point out that Snakehead operatives get much, much larger than THAT and I include the Potomac population.  You full-time landfish are forced to IMAGINE the great things going on under the surface of our Conspiracy Zone's Lakes, rivers and ponds.  AS SOON AS YOU JOIN US UNDER THE WATER, ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

The operative who sacrificed himself to the bowfishermen aboard the Marsh Rat has asked not to be named online.


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