Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Never Fear, Ladies...

As much as the featherless bipeds try to explain the secrets of the operative they call the Humboldt Squid, they will NEVER UNDERSTAND.

I wanted to reassure all of my readers, not least because it's Squidmas time, that their blame fool attempts to understand these particular operatives have all been FOR NAUGHT.  They can't seem to understand the true meaning of LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG.  They can't understand why the same operative who shoots seawater in their faces and rips at them with her beak when they are KILLING HER is also capable of understanding and gentleness in a different situation.  They REALLY can't grasp how a creature can be SO INTELLIGENT BY THEIR STANDARDS despite having a lifespan that is only about a year long.  They don't even understand what we are saying when we change colors, for crying out loud -- these shaved monkeys who think they are the masters of language.

Reading about their attempts to understand us really have the girls at R&D in stitches.  The closer you are to turning completely into a fish, the funnier it gets.


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Happy Squidmas!

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