Sunday, November 15, 2015

Let's Go Over It Again...

This question keeps RESURFACING in my mailbox.  By "mailbox," I mean the one at the post office, the one on the front porch, and the electronic one, and the question is always this:  WHY DON'T WE GET TO ATTEND CHURCH OPENLY?

On the surface, this ought to make sense. America is the land of religious freedom.  Our North American Conspiracy Zone HQ is in Michigan, at the site of the largest supply of fresh water -- and freshwater devotees, sportsmen, dwellers, paddlers, advocates, waders, fishermen, and recruits -- ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

>> Doesn't it make sense to openly set up recruiting posts under the banner of religious freedom?

>> Wouldn't we bring in EXACTLY the sort of people we are looking for?

>> Wouldn't it bring in a TON of money from the memorabilia and tourism sales ALONE?

>> Wouldn't it be great for a laugh even if the project failed entirely?  WHICH IT WOULDN'T?

All of this is TRUE.  The fact remains that we SIMPLY CAN'T AFFORD THE EXPOSURE.

I wish we could make it work, myself.  It WOULD be great for a laugh.


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