Sunday, November 29, 2015

I'm Glad This Didn't Happen In My Territory!

SAYS HERE that a study conducted by the British Nutrition Foundation found that about 1 in 5 kids in the UK believe that fish fingers are...made from the fingers of fish.  

That sort of finding betrays a deep, profound IGNORANCE about us.  AND THEY LIVE ON A FREAKING ISLAND!  For crying out loud, when you think of England practically the first association anyone makes is their predilection for eating FRIED FISH.  Which some of them also apparently believe is made from CHICKEN.  

The other findings are almost as disturbing.  They don't know which animals lamb and pork come from.  They think cheese is some sort of plant product.  I hardly dare THINK what they believe about beer.  

I never thought I'd be thankful for the minute, hairsplitting attention Americans pay to their food, ESPECIALLY the question of where it comes from and what it really is.  They want to know the "sourcing" and provenance of every scrap.  They scatter like bowling pins, then mount a bloody protest if some human DNA shows up in the soy sausage, or if they even SUSPECT that the fish fingers in the frozen-food aisle might be HYBRID FRANKENFISH instead of PURE BREEDS.  

Poor Getruuid!  The teaching hours she and her recruits are going to have to catch up on now to educate these Brits...

Gert, my advice is this:  especially with the young'uns, all you have to do is remind them that "if you eat any more of that fish you're going to tun into one!"


Blogger Duamuteffe said...

I fondly remember a conversation I had with our waitress at a Sicilian restaurant in York about how, in her words, "I don't understand the British! They live on an island but they don't eat fish or swim!" Apparently any time they offered any fish not cod or haddock no one ordered it but the tourists from other countries. It's like they don't even want to consider the benefits of joining aquatic life unless it comes with a deep fryer.

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