Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Few More Squidmas Shopping Suggestions Not Mentioned At The Chapter Meetings This Month...

This comes in the t-shirt and sweatshirt versions.  Here in Michigan, you'll probably need one of each.  Or several of each.  WE HAVE SO MANY LAKES HERE.  Buy it by clicking HERE:

This is a great one for almost any occasion -- for the lighthearted outing type of thing, family picnics, volleyball tournaments, or, heck, just sleep in it!  Completely work-safe.  Especially good for Latin teachers and members of the Optimists' Club.  Buy HERE:

Applicable whether you're at Lake Superior, Lake Tahoe, Lake Baikal, Loch Ness, the Great Salt Lake or Lake Tanganyika.  Harder to explain if you're not a girl, of course.  Here's one place to buy it:

Again, this is a great auto decal to draw in the more timid recruits.  Also comes in a bumper sticker, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a license frame, you name it.  Get this version HERE:

One of these is perfect in ANY office, child's bedroom or home library:

I love the look of UNDISGUISED LUST on this Trout's face.  Somebody put some real thought into this design.  Buy one HERE:

This one is very effective for getting Shaved Monkeys talking about fish.  Buy HERE:

A truly outstanding shower curtain!  Find it HERE:

I'm not clear on the original intent of this design, but it's a really subtle way of telegraphing the changes you'd like to see happen in this world.  The person selling this design appears to have the shop shut up right now, but feel free to create your own variations on the monkeys-not-welcome theme!

We have operatives in Taylor, MI; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and several in Nunavut and Greater Miami who are using this t-shirt to draw in a remarkable number of Shaved Monkeys who want to have done with it ASAP and turn into fish, NOW.  It's not very subtle but it does the trick.  Find this one HERE:
If nothing else gets a potential recruit in a college bull session or at a skate park (chuckle) talking about the fish life, this design will do it.  But this one HERE:

More anti-monkey sentiment framed as humor:

Still as good now as the day it was released in 1964:
I love the way this glass sculpture gets the human eye seeing Land's End from a whole new perspective.  OURS.  A guy named Ben Young makes these and sells them HERE:  Well worth the asking price.
Don't tell me you don't want one of THESE hanging from a cup hook in the kitchen!  I want one myself!  (Hint, hint!)  Buy one HERE:

This shower curtain is especially nice backed with a bright-blue liner.  Really makes the goldies POP.  Start your Goldfish buying spree HERE:

This version is called "Goldzilla;" you have to like THAT:

And there are many, many items of interest to people who have already zeroed in on the species they are attracted to -- or are already turning into.  Click here to buy this one:

Or this:


This is just one of the stunning Shrimp pieces I found in a Google search:
I love this one:

And this one is just arresting if you ask me.  If I still had hair to put it in I would buy this instantly:

This is for the truly elegant Cuttlefish lover on your gift list:

And these never truly go out of style:

And you have to remember something for the tree, of course!  Buy HERE:

And a very merry Squidmas to you all!


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