Saturday, March 08, 2014

More Bizarreness From The Homo Saps...

OK, one of our amphibious operatives was at a lunch prowl and overheard two others at her table discussing their vacation properties in Canada.  One of them was laughing ruefully about the way her 100 acres has gone from dry land to, almost, a LAKE because of all the Beavers living in the area.   Her companion -- who I gather has complained at GREAT length at other luncheons about the rattlesnakes on HER vacation property -- had this suggestion:

"Can't you blow up the dams?"

Well, no, said the Beaver hostess.  They're protected.

What threw our operative the most was that the one suggesting a DYNAMITE OUTRAGE is a vegetarian of many years' standing who says she could never be a party to killing a living thing. 

(Hint to vegetarians:  CELERY IS A LIVING THING.) 

At least CANADA is on our side here.  As long as they are, the noble Canadian Beaver will keep on converting dry land to wetland...more or less undisturbed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vegetarian would be in the pokey in Canada. The beaver host once tried to get me to destroy the beaver dams. I'm decided I was gonna pass on the pokey. The rattlesnake is so old news. 5 years or more.

6:22 PM  

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