Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And Speaking of Quahogs...

I just wanted to use THIS idiot as an example of the Mysterious Machinations of Dagon as they sometimes manifest up on dry land! 
His friends call him Lenny the Quahog, as if he were some sort of piscatorial Mob figure.  In fact, Leonard Paradiso was a wholesaler of our operatives, a Bostonian who worked delivering recruiters -- Lobsters, Quahogs, Calamari, you name it, our shellfish sisters used his services from Maine to Florida -- to retailers up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  
However, he BLEW HIS CHANCE TO CONTINUE OUR GOOD WORK by getting himself convicted of serial murder.  I use the phrase "got himself convicted" advisedly -- the guy told so many people, in so much detail, about what he did that his incarceration was almost a foregone conclusion.
Here is the cover of the book about him:

It was written by the prosecutor and it's kind of a good read.  It's by no means required reading for our group discussions, but you might want to take a look to get a sense of how even the most loathsome specimen of Shaved Monkey -- a traitor to HIS race and OURS -- can still have his uses.  It gave me a very mixed-up feeling as I read.  I wanted to weep as they took him away from his Clam distribution work, but I wanted to kick him in the tail when he failed even to get Marie Ianuzzi's body into the water properly where she could be recruited, or at least EATEN, by our aquatic operatives.  But then you don't want him to go to prison, right?  How is he going to work for us then?  AAARGH.  Humans -- you can't trust them at ALL.


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