Sunday, May 12, 2013


NOW THIS IS A TRULY SPECTACULAR FIND, LADIES.  The children's book under discussion today was written by April Pulley Sayre and BRILLIANTLY illustrated by Trip Park.  The ISBN is 978-1559719797.  It's just a FEW PAGES LONG, but OH, THE RICHES WITHIN.

What you'll see in here, ladies, is a sort of PISCATORIAL SMORGASBORD of fish displaying distinctly human behavior. and all of it is set against this litany of human names for fish.  I can hardly think of a friendlier introduction to the WHOLE IDEA that someday, the human reading the book may turn into a fish...AND THAT IT WILL BE A GOOD THING. 

I have only one quibble with my particular copy of this book.  The center 4 pages were missing when it arrived in the mail.  This deprived me of several of the illustrations and threw off the whole rhythm of the chant.  Never mind, I can buy a fresh copy using the Fish Conspiracy Petty Cash Box.

The person who sold me the damaged copy has already been KILLED.  And EATEN.


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