Sunday, February 24, 2013

Humans Are So Easy To Manipulate!

...And the really amazing thing is THEY EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT FACT.  This time I found it in a children's book, of all places:  Walking Catfish by Susan Gray, part of the Animal Invaders series, put out by Cherry Lake Publishing in nearby Ann Arbor, MI.  ISBN 1602793913.  It's only 32 pages long, but it's a jewel of a book, full of TERRIFYING ACTION PHOTOS of Catfish legging it across wet grass, rainy pavement, and so on.

Says here that when the Great Walking Catfish Panic of 1967 began, because a few of our operatives were found in local waterways, having escaped from fishtanks up and down the state, we -- no, um, I mean the Florida Fish & Wildlife authority -- saw to it that owning a Walking Catfish was made illegal.  This spread a panic that put the original Catfish Terror to shame.  Remember:  FLORIDA STILL HAS THE DEATH PENALTY.  WHAT TO DO? 

Here's what they did:  they deposited ALL their Walking Catfish in local ponds, streams, reservoirs -- any place they could know their beloved pets would be safe.  And they went back to raising Neons, Danios and Gouramis, thinking they'd gotten themselves out of a bind.

THE REST IS HISTORY.  Behold Cliffie, the North American Conspiracy Zone Leader, a proud descendant of those escapees!  Dragging the Naked Apes into the sea forever, one monkey at a time, with your help.  We, the whiskered, salute you!


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