Sunday, January 20, 2013

Remember This Smirking Face...

THIS is the Shaved Monkey who saw fit to abduct one of our recruiting operatives from her checkpoint at a local aquarium so he could enter her in a fishing contest.  He won $1,300 for his "catch."

THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE if he had followed through on his original plan to return her alive to the tank.  He now says he PANICKED and sold her to a fishmonger, after other contestants recognized the operative's distinctive markings.  Now, TELL THE TRUTH -- is heading to a fishmonger's and negotiating a price your idea of an act of PANIC?

The aquarium staff complained to the papers that "all we got back was the head and the tail."

This guy's family will be lucky if they get even THAT much back after our OTHER operatives are through with him.  I would normally order immediately that he be KILLED, and EATEN.  But this sort of thing should NOT be rewarded with a free trip to the Roiling Intestine of Dagon.  WE have something MUCH, MUCH WORSE in mind.  To teach the others a lesson.


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