Sunday, December 23, 2012

OK, This Is Weird...

One of my personal assistants here at the Manoogian Mansion's secret sub-basement alerted me to this.  She was looking something up on Google UNRELATED TO THE FISH REVOLUTION.  She was looking for books about the first member of the Manson Family, Mary Brunner (pictured above in a remarkably cheerful mugshot).  I didn't ask why, come to think of it...
But this is what she found.  I think we can call this the SCARY BOOK TITLE OF THE WEEK:
This book came out before the Mary Brunner she's interested in was even born, but the idea that somewhere out there, a Shaved Monkey was making a conscious connection bertween religion and irrigation is scarier than ANYTHING the Manson Family could come up with. 
And before I forsake this subject entirely, here is the logo of the Manson Family website, still maintained by Manson Family member Sandy Good, among others:


Blogger Ur-spo said...

I read on Yahoo there is news of a sudden explosion of a shark tank in china, flooding the zoo and the sharks attacked the onlookers - your minions?

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