Saturday, November 10, 2012

Says Here...


...that the first American to take out a life insurance policy on a Guppy was Stan Mazanek, a student at the University of Arizona.  It's right on page 157 of Felton & Fowler's Famous Americans You Never Knew Existed.  That's by Scarborough Books, a division of Stein and Day, New York, published in paperback in 1981.

What makes me happy about this entry in the book is that when the Guppy operative died, Mazanek settled successfully with the insurance company for $650.  This is not only the first life insurance policy taken out in the name of Piscatorial Love; it is also the first time one of our operatives managed to leave money to the landscum without having to first transform into the likeness of a human being or -- ick! --  have children with one of them.  Breakthrough after breakthrough!

What makes me unhappy is that Felton and Fowler did not see fit to include the operative's name in their reference guide.  Guppy names are not pronouncable in the human mouth -- they lack the requisite pharyngeal teeth -- but when she talked to her recruit, the operative in question called herself Solliya.


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