Sunday, March 03, 2013

Fish On Drugs

The Shaved Monkeys bordering the North Sea appear to have -- amazingly -- become ALARMED at the effects of all the mood-altering human drugs seeping into the local waterways.  Benzodiazepines (drugs like Xanax, Librium and Rohypnol) in the water are making our sisters BEHAVE BIZARRELY -- though not as bizarrely as humans do, I CAN TELL YOU THAT. 
(Remember that sorry incident when president Bush, George the First I mean, barfed on the Japanese ambassador?  He had benzos on board that day.)
And that's just ONE of the drugs they pour into the water everywhere they live.  They flush them down the toidy when they are through taking something, and the ones they swallow still get PEED IN OUR FACES.
The fish in Swedish rivers are eating too much zooplankton, leaving safe areas to go exploring and generally behaving like a bunch of drunken monkeys, will they or nil they...

I like several things about this news item:

>> They never consider for an instant that the same drugs might be affecting their own drug-addled species the same way.

>> They have absolutely no idea how to stem the tide.  They have no suggestions.

>> This sort of concern can only spur us on the EVER GREATER RECRUITING EFFORTS.  The sooner we get rid of them... 


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fish on valium; what a disgrace.

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