Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Too Late; There's Nothing More We Can Do...

...Mohamed Nasheed, erstwhile president of the dry-land areas of the Maldive Island chain, has stepped down from his post after what he insists was a government coup. I'M AS UNHAPPY ABOUT THIS AS YOU ARE, LADIES. This was in some ways a great elected official, FOR A SHAVED MONKEY, THAT IS. Pictured above is an underwater Cabinet meeting held by Nasheed to point out the fact that his part of the island chain, THE PART NOT ALREADY CONTROLLED BY US, is rapidly disappearing under the surface of a rising sea. You have to like a guy like this! If only he understood that WE WELCOME HIS SORT under the sea, and that he would be very happy there on a full-time basis.

(He did NOT plan it this way, but we got several recruits that day because of this publicity stunt. Heh.)

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