Thursday, February 09, 2012


This is one of those special movies that humans see one way, and fish see another.

Supposedly a horror film (!), Turistas (2006) is a vacation-detour-into-Hell story that has the characters waking up on a Brazilian beach, badly hung-over, robbed blind and not knowing what to do next. Then someone comes along and helps them, AND MAKES EVERYTHING WORSE.


>> Water, water everywhere! The characters are in their swimsuits for most of the story, and paddling in an amazingly clear Amazon River in scene after scene. When they're not swimming, they're refreshed by the rain. Or in the shower. For this reason alone, this film would make a great double feature with Dagon. Try it and see!

>> Half the people who die, die in an underwater cave or with the rain beating down on them. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, RIGHT?

>> Everyone in this story seems able to swim like a fish, even the foreigners who have supposedly never been near this part of the world before. When they try to manage on land, BAD THINGS HAPPEN. You know what THAT means, right?

Oh, I've told you enough. See it with a human friend. They'll leave shaking and maybe retching. You'll be smiling!

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