Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gave Their Lives For The Cause

I have just received the full list of operatives who were lost in the hideous AQUARIUM FIRE in Mapua, New Zealand.

The 299 operatives lost GAVE THEIR ALL while attempting to bring fish and humans together. The number of recruits they brought in over the years is INCALCULABLE. They are destined now to cavort, in wonder and glory forever, in the Roiling Intestine of Dagon.

The single surviving operative, who asked that her name NOT be posted on the Internet, did not waste a minute GETTING BACK TO WORK.


The investigation continues into who lit the place on fire. The fact that a Shaved Monkey would do such a thing to a building full of fish who had no role in his life except to enlighten and entertain...well, doesn't that sort of PROVE MY POINT about this species? The RACE IS ON to determine whether the perp will be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED, or KILLED and EATEN.

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