Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funny Little Recruiting Datum -- NOT A Security Leak


One of my Manoogian Mansion operatives -- aka my personal staff here at HQ -- came across this scrap of hilarity in a wildly popular book called Freakanomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, copyrighted 2005 to the co-authors and put out in 2009 by Harper Perennial. There is a whole chapter in there on how Naked Apes decide to name their cubs. You guessed it, IT'S ALL ABOUT STATUS AS USUAL.

...Back to my point. On page 203, after exclaiming over the baffling meteoric rise of the name "Madison" for females, they put in a footnote to the effect that it "almost certainly" came about because of the 1984 romantic comedy Splash. I HARDLY NEED TO REMIND YOU that Daryl Hannah's interpretation of the Madison role, WHILE RATHER INSULTING, brought us in an incredible number of recruits in the mid-Eighties and continues to do so today. And once again, let me say: NICE WORK, EVERYONE.

WHAT SURPRISES ME is that these two guys would notice! Anal and overly focused on details they are, and apparently they even get paid for this, but sheesh.

And let me just pass on to you that the copy of Sirena, read and reviewed for you here at the Notes by Your Truly, was loaned to me by a Mermaid fanatic named...Madison. Born in the mid-1980s. Yep.

Says here this book has been translated into 35 languages. The information is right there on the page for all to see. BUT DO THEY EVEN SUSPECT WE HAVE THEM SURROUNDED?


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