Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Doctor Fish" cures psoriasis in Turkish hot spring!

You'll have to excuse the injured English on this fascinating Web page. Now, we all got a memo about this project a couple of years ago at a previous World Takeover Refresher Seminar, but then word got around that they'd hit a snag of some kind and were delayed indefinitely. Apparently they finally went right ahead, AS WELL THEY SHOULD HAVE.

This is a fine example of the noble sacrifices made by our operatives to bring in new recruits. Imagine having to recruit diseased Turks by nibbling at their "scams" (by which I believe they mean "scabs"). You have to hand it to them for sheer originality. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with revealing that there are fish of ANY kind that are not only capable of living in 37-degree-Celsius mineral springs, but I'm sure the Near East Zone Operatives know what they are doing.


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