Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Star Operatives

Employee Of The Month!

I'd just like to thank all extant members of this handsome species, Channallabes apus, for infiltrating not only waterways, but home fishtanks all across several key recruiting zones. Their signature style has made them favorites among foolish human patsies aquaculture hobbyists from here to there. Besides being attractively slender and eel-like -- hence the common name, Eel Catfish -- they are air-breathers with signature bendable necks that help them hover over, and swoop down upon, prey animals like Beetles, as if they were predatory birds. Pretty cool.

I do want to respond to some muttered imprecations I've heard in the chapter meetings that I favor Catfish species over other operatives. I have to plead guilty when it comes to pure aesthetics; there is nothing handsomer in my eyes than a fish with a moustache. I am turning into a Clarias batrachis myself. What did you expect? Sue me. When it comes to functional characteristics, however, I am just as in love with the ancient race of Clams or the discreet charms of the Sea Lily. And Lampreys. I never forget the Lampreys in my bedtime prayers. YOU KNOW THIS.


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