Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Best Piscatorial Halloween Costume We Saw This Year...

I learned that Halloween is supposed to be the day that a human's DEAD ANCESTORS show up at their houses, wanting dinner.  If they don't get fed, they get irritated -- and that's where trick-or-treating comes from.  All the kids in costumes are just trying to GET IN ON THE GRAVY.
Many of them, as you know, ladies, are actually moving AWAY from the well-established knowledge that humans are descended from fish.  They're going back to the old saw about how the earth is only a few thousand years old -- must be true because it says so in the Bible.
I now realize there's another possible reason they're grasping at that straw LIKE THE DROWNING MEN THEY ARE.  I guess it might be too ALARMING for them to think about ALL their dead ancestors coming back to take revenge.  If they started out as humans and were never any sort of fish, hey, that cuts a lot of angry fish out of the picture.  FISH THEY ARE STILL TREATING PRETTY SHABBILY.
Swim, my pretties! Kill!  Kill!


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