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Sent to North American Fish Conspiracy Zone HQ by one of our Gulf of Mexico operatives, we watched this one AVIDLY.  It's not JUST a brilliant conceal/reveal/conceal type of movie about our glorious Cause.  It's also remarkably timely when it comes to Naked Ape shenanigans, despite the fact that it was released in 2010 and some of the events in the movie are very, you know, 2016. 

PLOT SUMMARY:  Two humans from the USA are trying to get back home from Mexico before the border is closed indefinitely.  Why?  ALIENS.  No, not immigrants without paperwork!  Regular alien-type aliens who have taken over a big strip of northern Mexico!  Dangerous ones!  WILL ANYONE SURVIVE?


>> I love the fact that everyone is constantly worried about needing a gas mask in this story, even though there's absolutely no sign of poison gas at any point in the whole movie.  There's even an animated cartoon at one point on someone's TV, showing the aliens looming overhead and smiling Mexican children putting on their gas masks.  Once I saw the animated aliens, I realized that someone in Movieland had confused GAS MASKS with SCUBA GEAR.  Hey, what's the difference?  Breathing equipment is breathing equipment, am I right?

>> Human readers (depending on national origin and political party affiliation) will be utterly charmed by the tremendous WALL erected between the USA and Mexico to keep out the aliens.  It's so, you, know, Trumptacular -- and it's a lot higher and more imposing than anything president Trump seems to have in mind.  I, personally, am charmed by the fact that these particular aliens would be able to STEP RIGHT OVER this immense structure, like a human parent stepping over the baby gate to get to the refrigerator.

>> I love that the Mexicans call the alien-occupied area the Infected Zone.  We learn how deeply the "infection" runs once our protagonists start hiking through the woods towards the US border.  It warmed the cockles of my two-chambered heart to realize that even though these aliens walk on LAND, they start out in the WATER -- just the way WE do.  And they seem infiltrate EVERYTHING -- just the way we do.  They appear, in fact, unstoppable -- just the way WE are.  If they had ANY IDEA what we were up to, I would see it as a TRIBUTE to our noble efforts to bring every one of their Naked Ape selves into our SPHERE OF INFLUENCE.

>> The attitude of the aliens towards the humans intrigues me.  It's so much like US -- alternately interested and not, recruiting one and ignoring another, JUST THE WAY HUMANS SEEM TO SEE US IN REAL LIFE. Again, it's almost as if someone knew what we're up to.

>> The ending makes all the struggle and setbacks worthwhile.  You'll love it.



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