Thursday, March 02, 2017

Your New Word For The Day!

I was just over on Goodreads and read someone else's review of The Founding Fish by John McPhee.  Even, now, in the later stages of my transformation from Homo sap. into Clarias batrachis, I love to learn new vocabulary words -- I probably love them even more now, because soon I will have to LEAVE THEM BEHIND FOREVER.  Now THERE's something no Catfish of any description has to struggle with -- NOSTALGIC LONGINGS.  But I digress...This reviewer introduced a new word that ANY landfish will really love:  SHAD-GASM.
I suggest you all start using it IMMEDIATELY.  The first operative to use the word SHAD-GASM correctly in a sentence at our upcoming monthly chapter meeting gets A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA from her detachment leader.
The funny thing is, he really didn't like the book that much.  Or he THINKS he didn't.  Could it be that McPhee made that all-important FIRST CONTACT that will ultimately allow us to recruit him for our glorious Cause?


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