Saturday, March 25, 2017

I Just Saw AQUAMARINE again...

...and as ditzy as the movie is, I have to say I liked it BETTER this time than last.  It dawned on me as I watched that this is much less a RECRUITING video for young girls than it is a CONCEALMENT tool for the hordes establishing a beachhead for the  fish army, be they landfish or fully aquatic operatives.

Simply put, NO recruiter trying to draw men into the sea would:

>> Hang around with teenaged girls who couldn't get a date with a male of their own species if they paid him for it;

>> Take the man-catching advice of said teenaged girls (AS IF WE NEEDED IT);

>> Leave the scene before the job is done, not once but over and over again;

>> Follow a bunch of crazy, obviously human rules about defying parents regarding arranged marriages, proving that love really exists, and so forth;

>> Long for something she can't have in an utterly human fashion (see also "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen);

>> Get stuck in a swimming pool in a storm, for Pete's sake;

>> Form a liaison with a Homo sap. male and then swim off into the ocean, leaving him behind;

>> Ever, ever, ever let her true identity be known to anyone other than a superstitious 18th-century sailor who hasn't seen a woman in 2 years.

All I'm saying is that with this sort of meme bobbing in the waves, humans will not suspect the true nature of a fish woman who is genuinely working on drawing humans into the sea, and thus not recognize them on the hoof.  And of course, the male recruiter will have deeper cover than ever.


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