Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Burble This Week In The Fish Conspiracy... all about THIS recruit (L) and THIS recruiter (R).  Lisa Lobree was walking along in Philadelphia, on her way to a fitness class on Labor Day, WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD.  Imagine her surprise when she caught a Catfish full in the face.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  Believe it or not, this was simply a nonstandard, fairly rare form of recruitment for our Glorious Cause.  As the species called "dinoflagellates" by the landscum, and the honorable Barracuda, often work together to recruit Shaved Monkeys, so too can fish and the birds that hunt for them.  The bird got clean away without even identification by specie.  The Catfish -- a fully-aquatic operative without a human name -- was pilloried in the press as a FREAK OF NATURE.  He was no such thing.  He was daring as heck, I'll give him that much.  And -- much more so than the RCMP -- HE ALWAYS GETS HIS MAN.  Or in this case, woman.  This was the clearest possible message that I hope the recruit was able to read.  Lobree, an enthusiastic angler, has a long history of COMING TO THE FISH.  It should now be quite clear to her that the fish are also COMING TO HER.

Full disclosure at your next local chapter meeting.


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