Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Says Here They're Studying The Northern Leatherside Chub...

Behold the operative known to Naked Apes as the Northern Leatherside Chub.  (Where DO they come up with these names?)  They are known -- AGAIN, this is what the Naked Apes THINK they know -- they are known to live in ONLY ONE PLACE IN THE WORLD, the tributaries of a couple of rivers in Utah, AN AREA NOT KNOWN FOR ITS DEEP AND WELCOMING BODIES OF WATER.   In fact, the best-known body of water in Utah, Salt Lake, has a way of SPITTING OUT the landscum who try to swim in it. 

So they are TERRIBLY WORRIED that at times, these scanty creeks tend to run dry.  WHERE DO THE LEATHERSIDE CHUBS GO???  They are deploying drones, special film equipment, and the usual array of water testing gadgets to figure that out.  WHY?  Not to find out our secrets, amazingly.  They really believe that a species that has gotten by for UNTOLD CENTURIES without the assistance of Naked Apes will DRY UP AND BLOW AWAY without their help now.

Let them study these plucky, drought-resistant fish.  A percentage of the intrepid researchers are turning into fish as I type this, AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW IT YET.


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