Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reduction Of Dry Land Proceeding Ahead of Schedule

This is what ALL their sandcastles are going to look like soon.  As we, oh, I mean THEY melt down the polar icecaps and OUR TERRITORY gets LARGER AND LARGER, their homes -- 50% or more of which are built as close to the water as they can manage -- get WETTER AND WETTER, until they are going to be forced to do one thing they really hate: DECIDE whether to live on the land or enter the welcoming arms of the sea. 

Remember that old movie Waterworld?  The polar ice caps are gone, daddy, gone.  Dry land is now so rare that most humans in the story consider it a fairytale.  But where are the people living?  In the water, where they belong?  Oh, no; they live on boats and artificial islands.  The central character, a Gill Man who can live more easily in the sea than he can above the surface, lives on a sailboat in constant fear of discovery, and when they do find out he has gills, they sentence him to death without further discussion.  THAT'S HUMANITY FOR YOU.  AS UNAWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON AS SEVEN BILLION STICKS OF BALSAWOOD.  THEY NEVER RECOGNIZE A GOOD ROLE MODEL WHEN THEY SEE ONE. 

Well, their turn is coming soon.  And if some Dennis Hopper character does turn out to be in charge of the biggest boat they have, well, THEY SORT OF DESERVE EACH OTHER, DON'T THEY?


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