Sunday, January 18, 2015

OK, This Is Just Weird...

I'm reading a book called Thomas Quick  by a guy name Hannes Rastam, ISBN 978-1-78211-070-5, and I'm going along fine and WHAT DO I SEE but the passage below, right on page 282.  Please note this is all going down in Sweden and concerns a guy in a psych hospital sprouting multiple personalities, more alter egos coming out of the woodwork as they give him more and more addictive, mind-altering drugs:

"Thomas Quick, who despite several years of therapy had developed only two extra personalities thus far -- Ellington and Nana...was able to proudly let her know that a new personality had made itself known to him.  His name was 'Cliff' and in the night he had written a letter on his computer -- in English!  In fact 'Cliff' only spoke English, which was a language that Thomas Quick hadn't mastered.  Cliff wrote:

'Hello babyface! 
This isn't a dream!  I've looked at you and I find a little crying child -- oh I like it!
I'm so glad you named him Tony...YOU can't remember his realname, because you are a tired, uglified fish!' "

Dang!  Probably just a coincidence, but...



Anonymous Doctor Kaiju said...

It's uncanny!

6:14 AM  

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