Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shattering Realization


OK, I was just on an outing in the watertight car, and the radio was playing some of that PRETENTIOUS EUROPEAN DISCO so popular during the Eighties.  You know how the Alice Cooper show is -- that guy will play anything. 

I cast my mind back to those dim, dead days when "Enjoy the Silence," the song on the radio, was new to us, and so (comparatively speaking) was the band that recorded it, Depeche Mode... 

Once upon a time in the Eighties, when I was still a mere human girl training to become a travel agent, I read an interview someone did with the band and they complained that for years they'd tried to get people to pronounce their name correctly, with a long A sound at the end of "Depeche."   When you pronounce it that way, the band's name means "speeded up" in French.  They failed in this endeavor, and even they now pronounce is the way the fans do:  duh-PESH mode.

Which means WHAT, exactly?  It finally hit me:  in French, "de peche" means "fishing."  Fishing mode.

DON'T EVEN ASK; I already have a team assigned to this.


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