Friday, June 22, 2012

Recruiting Tip Of The Week

See this guy's head x-ray?  The model's name is Yasser Lopez and of course, we were ALREADY AWARE OF HIM because of his interest in spearfishing.  THAT ALONE would make him a likely prospect for recruitment to our glorious cause.  But the incident that led the the creation of this remarkable image proves, FOR ANYONE WHO CARES TO SEE, that he is a hot prospect indeed.

Why?  Well, he took a fishing spear through the head at a range of a couple of feet, and LIVED. 


>> It tells us that he is not -- like so many other Naked Apes -- over-dependent on his outsized BRAIN to function.  Even as they were sawing away at the spear in this guy's head in the emergency room, he was COPING JUST FINE.  YOU AND I can do that because we're FISH.  For humans that is much trickier to pull off.  Normally, when the brain goes, so does the Naked Ape.  That tells us that he is already FISH-FRIENDLY and likely to make a rapid, easy conversion to our way of life.

>> It tells us that -- unless he was planning to use the speargun to pull a bank job or something -- he is already feeling the pull of PISCATORIAL LOVE.

>> A guy who can have an understandable conversation with a spear through his head is a FANTASTIC prospect to be able, one day, to comunicate well across species, from land to sea or the reverse.  He's both gregarious AND adaptable.  JUST OUR SORT.

REST ASSURED we are keeping a close eye on this situation.


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